File Share

File Share is the option for archiving and sharing organization information, enable workers in any teams work together more convenient and systematically under a high security system to prevent the attacks. Provide the ability to analyze insights from any devices by setting data access to meet every business need.

Why File Share ?

Support working on cloud

Support huge data, providing file sharing for all users and file storage in personal, update the system without down time. And using SharePoint on cloud helps you reduce the cost in physical server to store data.

High Security with Global Standard

High Security system by global security standard Data Protection system help to protect sensitive data and prevent data leak, always encrypt the data and verify users.
Meet all needs at workplace File Share

Ability to work on any devices

Compatible with computer, mobile phone or laptop in Windows, iOS or Andriod, storing and sharing data to work together with others. Support uploading all types of file such as picture, audio, video or text file for storing or share in workplace.

Monitor and edit

Microsoft Office documents in Word, Excel and PowerPoint formats can be monitored and edited via a web browser and can be synced with personal PC for offline usage.

Creating team site

Create team site as a space to store and share content, information and news between internal and external users.

Inform news

Ability to create website and intranet to inform news, share content and interact more with your organization simply.

“ It’s easy to get started ”

If you are the one who wants to try File Share
technology but don’t know how to start? We’d recommend you