Alibaba Cloud – Elastic Compute Service (ECS)

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[Alibaba Cloud Thailand] 1 Chapter : Manage and Operate ECS

By Saris Kongpichetkul, Presales Engineer of ATCETERA CORPORATION LIMITED and partner of Alibaba Cloud Thailand

Lesson 1 – ECS Concept

ECS Concept

Lesson 2 – ECS Instance

ECS Instance

Lesson 3 – ECS Storage

ECS Storage

Lesson 4 – ECS Networking

ECS Networking

Lesson 5 – ECS Additional Settings

ECS Additional Settings

Lesson 6 – ECS Demo A Full Hands On Guide

ECS Demo a full hands on guide

Lesson 7 – ECS Demo Create a New Cloud Disk and Assign It to Existing ECS

ECS Demo create a new cloud disk and assign it to existing ECS